About Us

Maxxidata is a technology company that offers the best customized consulting experience focused on results. In order to facilitate processes we immersed ourselves in the customer problem in search of developing agile solutions focused on CRM and Analytics projects.
We have a strong experience in consulting for business intelligence, thus facilitating and optimizing the agility of companies.

Customer always comes first

For us, solving our customers' problems is our top priority. Therefore, we have a team that develops technological solutions to optimize the processes of your company.

Innovate with passion and energy

We are passionate about innovation and technology and we are always full of energy to look for new ways and results.

Integrity and ethics

Always doing the right thing is part of our company values, whether with our customers or our employees.

Marketing Analytics

Understand your customer and improve your results!

To find out how you are accurately performing your company’s marketing initiatives, Marketing Analytics helps your company monitor and improve its results through metrics with data classification, CRM cases, Segmentation and Text Mining. 

Marketing is even better with data!

Data Analysis

The larger the volume of data, the better your analysis and visualization needs to be to bring solid results to your business!
So for your data to be solutions and to bring relevant business information, business opportunities and decision making, interact with your data until they deliver all the details around your business.

Data Management

Your database is the cornerstone of your analytics and when optimized it is your company’s best friend.

Instead of your company wasting time on time-consuming processes, streamline them by data menagement that from a set of procedures collects, validates and stores your business information.

This way your business cuts down on time spent manually, reduces costs, and even increases your business revenue.

Do it well, do it quickly.

Commercial Automation

Review and automate your day-to-day business processes, standardizing and integrating all data in one place. This way, operations become more agile and business productivity becomes more efficient!

Automating is faster and more practical!

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